_AS_5813 _AS_590 _AS_5940 _AS_5941 _AS_5957 _AS_5961 _AS_5979 _AS_5981 _AS_5982 _AS_5984 _AS_5985 _AS_5993 _AS_6040 _AS_6042 _AS_6043 _AS_6052 _AS_6064 _AS_6076 _AS_6101 _AS_6103 _AS_6119 _AS_6124 _AS_6133 _AS_6137 _AS_6140 _AS_6144 _AS_6189 _MG_5716 _MG_6832 _MG_7198 _MG_7204 064SeasFood004 Aerated Cream Catalan with Lime-marinated Raspberries, Cinnamon Flower-scented Porras alcarte sep 99veal2 amenity3 Artichoke  tuna Ceviche Cheeseboard 4 Chef Pix 2010 409 Chef Pix 2010 522 Chef Pix 2010 546 Chef Pix 2010 547 Chef Pix 2010 623 Crab and Coconut Bisque, Lemon Grass, Red Curry, Cilantro1.JPG DSC_0190 DSC_0193 DSC_0202 DSC_0223 DSC_0243 DSC_0244 DSC_0251 DSC_0252 DSC_0267 DSC_0275 DSC00700 DSC02231 DUFF_Patrick_PP04 DUFF_Patrick_SC01 DUFF_Patrick_SC02 DUFF_Patrick_SC03 DUFF_Patrick_SC04 DUFF_Patrick_SC05 DUFF_Patrick_SC07 DUFF_Patrick_SC08 DUFF_Patrick_SC09 DUFF_Patrick_SC10 DUFF_Patrick_SC11 DUFF_Patrick_SC14 DUFF_Patrick_SC15 DUFF_Patrick_SC16 DUFF_Patrick_SC17 DUFF_Patrick_SC18 DUFF_Patrick_SC19 DUFF_Patrick_SC20 DUFF_Patrick_SC22 DUFF_Patrick_SC23 DUFF_Patrick_SC24 DUFF_Patrick_SC25 DUFF_Patrick_SC26 DUFF_Patrick_SC27 DUFF_Patrick_SC28 DUFF_Patrick_SC29 DUFF_Patrick_SC30 DUFF_Patrick_SC31 DUFF_Patrick_SC32 DUFF_Patrick_SC34 DUFF_Patrick_SC35 DUFF_Patrick_SC36 DUFF_Patrick_SC37 DUFF_Patrick_SC38 DUFF_Patrick_SC39 DUFF_Patrick_SC40 DUFF_Patrick_SC41 DUFF_Patrick_SC42 DUFF_Patrick_SC43 DUFF_Patrick_SC44 DUFF_Patrick_SC47 DUFF_Patrick_SC48 DUFF_Patrick_SC49 DUFF_Patrick_SC50 DUFF_Patrick_SC51 DUFF_Patrick_SC52 DUFF_Patrick_SC53 DUFF_Patrick_SC57 DUFF_Patrick_SC58 DUFF_Patrick_SC59 DUFF_Patrick_SC60 DUFF_Patrick_SC61 DUFF_Patrick_SC62 DUFF_Patrick_SC63 DUFF_Patrick_SC64 DUFF_Patrick_SC65 DUFF_Patrick_SC66 DUFF_Patrick_SC67 DUFF_Patrick_SC68 DUFF_Patrick_SC69 DUFF_Patrick_SC70 DUFF_Patrick_SC71 egg custard tart Exotic Salad of King Crab with Hawaiian Tuna Poke, Purple Avocado Guacamole with Pomelo and Orange Salsa1-1 FAS_0465 FAS_0485 FAS_0488 FAS_0662 FAS_0668 FAS_3241 FAS_4080 FAS_4089 FAS_4098 Fillet of Veal Tartar with Kalamata Olives and Roasted Almond Flakes With Almond Milk Dressing and toasted Gruyere Ciabatta-PHOTO3 gaihortuoey copy Gold 1 Gold 3 fruit Gold dried fruit Gold Whole Fruit 2 Golden Apple Tarte Tatin with Calvados Ice Cream, Light Jelly from Apple Cider1-1 i0901 Swissotel_024-1 i0901 Swissotel_038 i0901 Swissotel_071-7 i0901 Swissotel_121-1 IMG_0016 IMG_0025 Korobuta Black Pork Loin with puree from Haricot Beans Roasted Sweet Bell Peppers Chorizo and Picholine Olive Sugo-PHOTO2 Lobster, Mango Sphere, Cucumber Consomme, Caviar Mini Burgers Moroccan Spiced Rack of Grain-fed Lamb with Feta Crust, Potato and Eggplant Bistilla with Pomegranate Molasses1-1 New Sashimi of Yellowtail Kingfish with Warm Smoked Eel, Salad of Asian-style Cresses and Kabayaki Sauce New Sashimi of Yellowtail Kingfish with Warm Smoked Eel, Salad of Asian-style Cresses and Kabayaki Sauce3-1 Olives3way2 Pacific Yellowfin Tuna Steak charred on our Lava Stone Grill Served with a smoky Ancho Chilli Sauce Coriander Chimichurri and Sweet Potato-PHOTO3 Pan-fried Foie Gras de Canard Pernod Glazed Sea Scallop, Fig Balsamic PIC00030 Scala dessert scala strip Scala Sweet ravioli shrimp scala Sweets TEG Tender on glass TEG tender Tender 2 on glass Tuna Tartare, Tomato, Cucumber, Citrus Sauce2 Twice baked Manjari Chocolate Pudding with Kirsch Liqueur Sabayon Morello Cherry Sorbet and Chilli Compote-PHOTO 2 Wagyu and Foie